Elsewhere Fest


Join us downtown for Elsewhere Fest!


Notable features of Elsewhere Fest include:

- a not-for-profit festival enabling us to offer real world ticket pricing

- genre agnostic music from hip hop to EDM

- opportunities to discover and learn how to work in the music industry and collectively forge new innovate pathways for the future 

- opportunities to learn about community organization and how to transform for the better

- inclusivity at our core, including a free concert stage

- dedication to building music community




adverb  in, at, or to some other place

Elsewhere Fest is a two-day music and arts festival and conference in Wichita, Kansas.

Elsewhere is a space for new and alternative possibilities in the world of music, art, social connection and interdependent existence.

Elsewhere represents a conversation and platform that aims to support independent artists and music workers, foster innovation, and continually challenge established conventions.


GA One Day Pass - $59

VIP One Day Pass - $119

GA Two Day Pass - $99

VIP Two Day Pass - $199

Conference Pass (Two Day Only) - $25

Elsewhere is a place you go to step away from the noise of the world to gain clarity within a community of deep thinkers and creative explorers.

The intention of Elsewhere is to communally immerse ourselves in the vastness of the unknown, explore all that we cannot yet conceive, experiment purposefully, and embrace our shared consciousness to discover meaningful and impactful concepts and creations for the betterment of all.