Margot Robbie Is Unrecognizable In 'Mary Queen Of Scots' Trailer

Margot Robbie and Saoirse Ronan play rival queens in the official trailer for their new period drama Mary Queen of Scots. The film is centered on the lives of Queen Mary of Scotland and Queen Elizabeth I in the mid-1500s when Mary, played by Ronan, returns to Scotland to reclaim her throne. Mary's return to Scotland creates trouble for her cousin Queen Elizabeth, played by Robbie, as she rules England. 

Both actresses clearly brought their A game to this film - their confrontation in the trailer looks epic - but only Robbie had to undergo a dramatic physical transformation for the role. The 28-year-old actress is completely unrecognizable in the trailer. It's almost impossible to believe it really is Robbie under all that heavy, white make up and tattered red wig. 


Elizabeth's declining health and deteriorating physical condition appears to be a big plot point for the upcoming film. "Your beauty, your bravery now I see there is no cause for envy," Robbie says to Ronan in the trailer. "Your gifts will be your downfall." While Queen Elizabeth I is widely remembered and memorialized through portraits as young and beautiful, that's actually pretty far from the truth. According to HistoryExtra, Elizabeth attempted to cover smallpox scars on her face with "layers of caustic cosmetics," consisting of pungent white lead and vinegar. The lead obviously damaged her skin, making it grey and wrinkled, which resulted in Elizabeth wearing even more of the heavy white makeup. You can see the result of this in Robbie's appearance during the Mary Queen of Scots trailer. 

Robbie's fans were floored by her transformation, taking to Twitter to freak out over the film's new trailer. "The biggest mood in all of history," Joanna Robinson wrote. "Good morning to Margot Robbie's 16th century wig reveal and Margot Robbie's 16th century wig reveal only!!!!!!!!!!!!!" another fan excitedly tweeted.


Moral of the story: this movie looks insanely epic. 


Mary Queen of Scots hits theaters on  Dec. 7, 2018. Just in time for awards season! 


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