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KO For Kids


KO for Kids is a family-friendly boxing event and block party (no boxing experience needed). Focused less on the "workout," it is a fundraising event and celebration for all the Kansas kids fighting a pediatric disease. 

We all know a child who is battling some sort of pediatric disease. Whether it be your daughter with arthritis, a nephew with diabetes, grandson with cancer or neighbor with autism. 

No matter the illness, when a child is diagnosed with a pediatric disease, it begins to define their life and shape the world they know. A world where every day is a battle. 

Knockout for Kids is the opportunity for you to show the sick child in your life support in their fight. This event invites the community to come together and punch for pediatrics. 

All teams are encouraged to punch in honor, support or memory of a child. Hand wraps are distributed to each team, with the color signifying the disease their team is fighting. 

Each team's child is an honorary member of the team and invited to join their team representative in punching the bag during the first hour of the event.   

Throughout the 12-hour event, each team is asked to always have an individual punching their team bag to symbolize the never-ending battle these children face. 

Though this is a fundraising event, it's much more than that. It is meant to cause an impact and make a statement. To show every child battling a pediatric illness that they never have to fight alone.


Block Party: 

Noon - 6 PM

From noon to 6pm participants, families and community members are invited to join block party fun in the parking lot of Title West Boxing Club. Food trucks and vendors booths will be set up for shopping. Percentages of those sales will be donated to Wesley Children's Foundation. Additionally, there will be kid-friendly games, music, and other trainer-lead activities all afternoon!

8 PM - Midnight

Following the conclusion of the family-oriented portion of the block party, the fun continues! From 8 pm - 2 am we'll crank up the heat inside and outside the gym. We'll get the party started with themed power hours and a disco ball inside and live music, yard games, food and beverages outside


2 PM - 2 AM

Each team will have a team captain who is responsible for recruiting individuals for his or her team. Participants will be assigned shifts (determined by the captain) during which they will punch their team's designated bag. Because the event is meant to symbolize the constant fight sick kids endure, we request each team always has at least one person on their bag, continuously punching against pediatric diseases throughout the 12-hour event!  


Each hour consists of 15 rounds of punching. Each round is 3-minutes long followed with a 1-minute rest period between each round. Each hour is led by a Title Boxing trainer and individuals of any age and skill level will be able to participate

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