R. Kelly's Ex-Wife Andrea Claims He Almost Killed Her: 'He Hogtied Me'

Andrea Kelly recently revealed more details about her abuse allegations against her ex-husband, R. Kelly.

The professional dancer, who was married to Kelly for 13 years, spoke on The View about the domestic violence she allegedly faced throughout her marriage to the "Ignition" singer. "One time he attacked me in the back of a Hummer, and I do suffer from PTSD because of it," Andrea recalled. "He'd taken this left arm and pulled it behind me, and his weight was on my body, but he didn't realize his forearm was on my neck. So as he's pressing down, my breathing is getting labored. The only reason why I think I made it out is 'cause I said, 'Robert, you're gonna kill me. I can't breathe. You have to get your arm off of my neck.' I just remember sitting in the back of the Hummer and it got blue. I just thought, 'Oh my god. I'm gonna die in the back of this Hummer, and he's gonna drive off with my body in the back seat and nobody's gonna know."

The mom of three also detailed one incident where she was left with her arms and legs tied after Kelly allegedly got mad about how she responded to a question of his. “He had his knee in my back and he took both of my arms around me, tied them, and then attached my legs to my arms," she explained. "He hogtied me and left me on the side of the bed and he actually fell asleep, and that’s the only way I got away.”

Andrea admitted that the alleged abuse got so bad that it drove her to contemplate suicide. "I went out on the balcony and I climbed up…One foot was on the railing and the other was on the wall…I looked down and God allowed me to see myself laying in blood," she shared. "That was my darkest moment…The fact that I was willing to leave [my children] let me known the best thing you have to do for you and your children to live is leave."

As for why she chose to speak out almost 10 years after her divorce from the singer, Andrea explained, "You cannot not speak when someone's life and what they've been through is parallel to yours," Andrea said, referencing Buzzfeed's 2017 article that first reported that Kelly kept young women in his home against their will in what some have called an abusive "sex cult." "I wanted to bring validity to these women's stories," she continued. "So much of it falls on deaf ears and no one believes them...I was like, 'If no one else is going to speak up for her, if no one else is going to believe her, at least she knows that I do.'" Adding, "It's about saving lives."

According to The View, R. Kelly's representatives had no comment regarding Andrea's accusations.

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