Today is Radio Day

Happy National Radio Day!It’s time to give a shout out to a few of my many radio mentors from back in the day!Randy Crump, Jack Oliver, Buc Weatherby, Ron Hanson, Barry Casey, Keith Foster, John Speer, Jason Drake, Ken Softley, Gus Grebe, Dustin (Ebaugh) Grey, Greg The Hitman Williams, Brent Willems, Dana Nieuwhof, Phil Thompson, David Lebus, and Lyman James – and a quick moment of quiet thought to those who’ve passed on – Scot Michels, Tom Leahy, and Jeff Garrett. Many more have helped me throughout my 42 years in the business, and to all I say “Thank You.”

Now, for comic relief, here’s a shot of me in about 1998.Check out the EXTRA-deep computer monitor. And just barely visible behind my left elbow, the phone/cart machine rig we used to play clients’ spots to them down the good ol’ phone line.

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