Summerland Tour Concert

Summerland Tour 2021: Everclear w/ Living Colour, Hoobastank, and Wheatus are coming to Wave September 23rd!



Considering Everclear has written and recorded some truly iconic ’90s alt rock hits, it would be all too easy these days for the band to be a victim of its past successes, relegated to performing as a glorified jukebox, existing to satisfy the nostalgic cravings of Gen Xers ev erywhere.

But singer - guitarist Art Alexakis isn’t about to start phoning it in now. Although the band hasn’t released a new studio album since 2015’s triumphant Black Is The New Black Everclear continues to tour actively. And while it’s a virtual surety that no Everclear gig is complete without a rendition of “Santa Monica” and “Father of Mine,” lately the band has found that exploring the full range of past material - especially the “deep cuts” not only gives fans a rare treat, it also injects new life int o the band’s live dynamic.

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