Botanica Restores Joyland Merry-Go-Round

Botanica Carousel

Joyland may be gone, but the Carousel Joyland housed for 59 years will return fully restored to The Carousel Gardens at Botanica. 

The owner of Joyland, Margaret Nelson Spear, donated the Carousel to Botanica in May of 2014. Since then, Marlene Irvin, the owner of Custom Carving and Restoration has been taking charge of restoring the Carousel to its' former glory! 

According to Botanica's website, the Carousel was designed by Allan Herschell Company in 1949. Currently, there are only five remaining Allan Herschell Carousels in the world and Botanica will be home for one of the five. 

Above, is a rendering of what the Carousel will look like when all finished. No completion date has been released.

Don't miss the groundbreaking ceremony on October 1, 2018 at 1:30 PM. The location of the ceremony will be west and north of the Downing Children’s Garden entrance. 

Additional parking will be available in the west Cowtown parking lot and enterBotanica through the south event entrance.

You can see more photo of The Carousel Gardens here or watching the video below. 

It looks so magical! 

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