We can only speculate why a paranormal entity lurks around a certain place. Something makes them want to linger around this world. Whether its revenge, love, anger, or something else, its smart to know what you are dealing with before you try to  with it. Yet, some people seem to attract these paranormal entities to them. Why? How? Well, they just can. 

We believe Web Girl Chelsea may be "Sensitive" due to the fact she has experienced so many different types of paranormal activity. Shadow people, sleep paralysis, nightmares, and potentially demons. Our Web Girl has seen it all!

Demonologist, Timothy Earl listened to Chelsea's experiences and dissects what could she be going through. 

Web Girl Chelsea

Web Girl Chelsea

Hello! The name is Chelsea. I'm a social butterfly who enjoys chilling in her cocoon. All I need is coffee or wine and good music to be a happy camper. I'm an animal lover. I love being with my fur babies, Lily & Daisy. My camera roll and... Read more


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