Wichita Dentist Office "Thrills" Us With Thriller Video

As if we weren't scared of THE DENTIST already, Wichita's Riverside Dental gave us the thrills with this video produced by River City Visuals.

The video features Riverside Dental doctors and staff turning into zombies right before their patient, Nancy goes under for a procedure. The dental zombies then head to the streets of Wichita to dance to Michael Jackson's "Thriller". 

Nancy then awakes from her horrible "dream" to find that Dr. Newman has taken care of her without any scares. Or at least that's what Nancy thinks. (INSERT VINCENT PRICE LAUGH HERE)

While the video isn't the whole length of the original Thriller, it definitely does not disappoint! Well done, Riverside Dental and River City Visuals!

Check out their video below!

Web Girl Chelsea

Web Girl Chelsea

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