McDonald's Cheesy Bacon Fries Are Coming And My Diet Isn't Ready For It

Most of us know that January is a time for resolutions, specifically ones that involve weight-loss or adopting a new healthy lifestyle. 

And apparently, McDonald's doesn't care!

I told myself that I would start eating better so I could drop some pounds, but now that McDonald's has announced their #CheesyBaconFries will be hitting locations nationwide it looks like that plan might be postponed. 

According to Business Insider, Hawaii and Northern California were the first lucky locations to sell the cheesy bacon fries in November. Since then, their popularity has increased and McDonald's has decided to spread the joy nationwide by the end of January.

McDonald's Cheesy Bacon Fries

McDonald's Cheesy Bacon Fries

Photo: McDonald's Honolulu

I will say I am a little skeptical about the cheesy bacon fries. I know I already love their fries, but will the cheese and bacon actually be "good?" 

I guess we will have to wait and see. 

Are you excited about McDonald's Cheesy Bacon Fries?

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