Artist Turns Old Car Tires Into Dog Beds

Anyone that knows me, knows I love animals especially my two furbabies, Lily & Daisy.


So when I saw an article about an artist that not only recycles old car tires, but turns them into animal beds and more, I told myself, "Let the world know of this angel!"

Brazilian artist, Amarildo Silva is only 23 years old and doing so much good for the world.


He takes old car tire and turns them into all kinds of things! Seriously! Follow Silva's Instagram, it's unbelievable all the things this guys creates. He's created pet beds, planters, Christmas decorations, recycle bins, patio furniture and more!


According to an article by Sophie Hirish on, Silva is only able to fulfill orders in two states in Brazil, but has a dream to expand worldwide.

Read more about this amazing artist here!

Web Girl Chelsea

Web Girl Chelsea

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