McDonalds is Launching a Plant-Based Burger


It's 2019. The year McDonald's decides to produce a plant-based burger.

No, this isn't something from The Twilight Zone. This is the real deal. I personally never thought I'd see the day McDonald's caves and give vegetarians/vegans what they want. A plant-based burger. According to CNN, Nestle created the burger which will be dubbed as the "Big Vegan Burger."

"This meatless burger is made with soy and wheat protein, and uses beet, carrot and bell pepper extracts to help create a meaty look and texture," reports CNN.


Now, this may all sound familiar and it should. Burger King recently launched their meatless burger, the "Impossible Whopper."

It looks like meatless options are becoming more common among the fast food industry. According to Delish, a U.S. launch could be happening soon.

My only questions are, "What's next? The Nuggets?"

Web Girl Chelsea

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