Wendy's Is Giving Away FREE Spicy Nuggets!


Thanks to a tweet from Chance the Rapper and millions of other spicy nugget fans, the Spicy Chicken Nuggets are officially back!

And the best part is you can get them for FREE! From now until August 19th, use the code SPICYNUGGS on DoorDash to receive a free 6 piece spicy nuggets!


All I can now is thank you! Thank you, Wendy's and thank you Chance the Rapper!

But I'm not the only one thanking Chance either. So is the whole Twitterverse!


Some people even started to realize the power Chance the Rapper had and started asking him for help to bring their favorites back.

Like, remember these!


Pray that Chance likes milkshakes!


All I know is that at the end of the day, Chance the Rapper is a hero.

Thank you, Chance!

Web Girl Chelsea

Web Girl Chelsea

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