#DearDelilah ... New Year, New Goals!

I hate to be a cliche’, but I’ve done it. I’ve made a New Year’s resolution to yes, lose weight and get in better shape.

My reasons are different from years past, I’m not so much motivated by my ability to fit into those trendy skinny jeans or look good in a little backless dress… and FORGET bathing suit season!

Nope. Not the reason.

The fact that I’m the mother of an (almost) three year old that runs me ragged every day? Yes! This IS the reason! And all my beautiful beautiful grand children that I want to be present and playful with this year and for years and years to come.

My journey actually started several months ago when I began walking regularly again, and being mindful of what I was putting in my mouth. Being sedentary and mindless eating are pitfalls of living a busy life with many commitments and travel. It’s so important to remember (I need to be reminded too!) that there is no meeting more important than self-care.

So that’s really what my New Year’s resolution is about - taking the time to care for ME so that I can care for all the other incredible people God has placed in my life!

I’ve (re) committed to being physically active some part of EVERY day. Walking, gardening, and pushing a little weight around in the gym 3x per week, makes me feel so so so good! When I’m living this way, I’m living my BEST life. I know I’m doing something right when my feet don’t scream at me when I swing them out of bed in the morning and they hit the floor.

With good, whole, healthful foods surrounding me, having plenty of the right stuff to eat is never a problem, and making good choices has always been easy too, when I am mindful of the choices I’m making; it’s the mindless snacking get me, and that’s what I’m working on. For me, low carb, vegetables rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber, and flavorful spices are the key. Lots of water, and non-caffeinated teas keep me hydrated.

At the heart of it all is giving up my worries and stresses to Him, and believing that He will provide the strength and guidance to help me with the plans I’ve made for myself. If I were the advice-giving type (hahaha) I might suggest that this be the strategy at the core of every goal you set for yourself as well. It’s never failed me.

Happy New year my friends! I wish you a happy and healthy 2019, and success on any achievement you’d like to realize!

What are YOUR goals? What’s your strategy?  Share Your Story with Producer David and he will get those messages to me in the studio, tonight!

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