What'cha Watchin' Weekend Recommendations ❤️📺

Ellen K's knows a thing or two about binge worthy recommendations! In fact, the entire team does! We highly recommend lots of "R&R." Rest & relaxation pairs perfectly with a blanket, remote & TV! Here's a list of shows and movies the entire Ellen K Morning Show team recommends:

Ellen K

  • "Eric" with Benedict Cumberbatch on Netflix
  • "Hitman" on Netflix

Ryan Manno

  • "Self Reliance" on Hulu

Social Queen Darlene

  • "Your Honor" with Bryan Cranston seasons 1 and 2 on Netflix!

Producer Mike Ramos

  • "Live From Brooklyn" with Jo Koy

Happy bingeing!

Catch up and let's chat about it! Text us at: 51035 or leave us a voicemail anytime: 1-866-4EllenK 1-866-435-5365

Thanks for being the best part of KOST!

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