What Is The Most-Searched Tourist Spot In California?

California has long-been the most-visited state in the nation. Partially due to our weather. But Also, we have more tourist attractions than anyone else! Now, a new study broke down the most-searched tourist spot by state. According to Google data: ours is NOT the Hollywood Sign, TCL Chinese Theatre, the Golden Gate Bridge or the Santa Monica Pier. It’s Disneyland!

A new “Guardian” study on global air pollution just found the 10 worst places to live (in the US) based on what we’re breathing. Unfortunately, California didn’t fare so well. Topping the list is Bakersfield. And right behind (at #2) is South LA – so… Compton, Maywood & Paramount. Overall, we got dinged with the worst air quality out of all 50 states.


Photo: Getty Images

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