Netflix Hacks


We love Netflix and that’s all there is to it. 

So here are a few Netflix hacks to make life with your favorite streaming site even better, if that’s possible.

Netflix roulette can help you find something to watch - Check out the Netflix Roulette website, where you can enter parameters like rating, director, actor, and genre. You can pick movie or TV show too. And they’ll give you a suggestion so you can stop stressing about what to watch.

You can find entirely new categories - Here’s how it works. If you’re using a web browser, the page for a specific Netflix category looks like this:

And you just have to change the numbers at the end of the URL to discover a new genre, like showbiz dramas and deep sea horror movies.

If you’ve been sharing your login info with too many people, you can check out exactly who’s been using your Netflix account - Follow these steps to get a list of what’s been watched, on what device, at what time and even where.

  • Hover over the account symbol in the upper right-hand corner of your Netflix homepage and click 'Your Account'.

  • Under 'My Profile', click the 'Viewing Activity' menu.

  • Select the 'See recent account access' link.

You can even kick people off your account - Too many people watching Netflix when you want to? Just remotely log everyone else out. Hover over your account name, in the top right corner of the Netflix screen and choose “manage profiles” from the drop down. Then pick “sign out of all devices” and click the “sign out” button. Done!

There’s a translucent browser window that helps you sneak Netflix watching in at work - What you need to make it happen is called Helium. And fingers crossed your boss doesn’t catch you.

You can use keyboard shortcuts to make your viewing experience even better - Use these five tips to navigate:

  • F will give you full screen; Esc will take you out of it

  • PgDn pauses; PgUp will play

  • The space bar will also pause and play

  • Shift + Right Arrow will fast-forward; Shift + Left Arrow will rewind

  • M should toggle your mute button, depending on your computer

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