Oak Mites Biting Early

They're baaaaaack!

Having a mild winter was kinda nice... but we are paying a price for our days in the sun. Those dreaded oak mites, which are usually associated with fall, are back earlier than last year. And could be even worse than last year, too.

Because we didn't get a good freeze, the mites never went fully dormant- which means that while we're out doing our spring yard work in our shorts and tank tops, we have made ourselves the perfect place for them to land.

While there are some products that can kill adult mites, unfortunately there is no way to kill the larvae. Even if you were to take care of the mites in your yard, they can be carried by the wind and easily travel from your neighbor's. 

So what can we do to escape the itchy red bites? Well, we can pray for a blazing summer that might take care of them... but that would be pretty miserable for us, too. Prevention is your best game plan:

  • Keep covered! Wear hats, long sleeves, pants, and closed toed shoes. Uugh, seems sweaty. But it's better than itchy!

  • Some bug sprays can help prevent oak mites from biting you, so make sure you read the label!

  • SHOWER! As soon as you can. Oak mites don't bite immediately; they kinda hang out on your skin for a bit. So rinse off as soon as you can to get rid of the little buggers before they can go to work. 
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