We Finally Know What These Things Are And Who Made Them! (Kinda)

Are they angels watching over our city? Memorials to lost loved ones? A clever way to tell you to clean up after your dog? Turns out none, and all, of the above.


Mysterious and altruistic local artist Kanbee is behind the "mini-sculptures" that have been popping up in yards all over Wichita for the past 6 years. But who exactly is Kanbee? Only one man really knows, and he's not telling.

Dustin Park posted on the Wichita Art Scene facebook page in early May that he discovered the identity of the anonymous artist. The Wichita Eagle probed Park even further about how he was able to crack open the case of Kanbee: 

“I pursued him on Instagram, honestly, for a couple months before he would respond to me,” Baughman said. “I think it was just because I asked him really good questions. He wanted to talk about his art to somebody, and he’s never done that before. You could see the joy talking with him. He’s so happy and joyful to be making art, and to be getting this little bit of attention and be able to talk about it, I think he’s tickled, but at the same time he really wants his privacy.”


Park said that the sculptures are made out of old political and yard signs, turning something that can be negative into a work of art that beautifies our city. 

But what exactly are they suppose to be? Kanbee says they are suppose to remain abstract, so we can interpret them ourselves:

“I draw humans, stripped of all distinctions, ready to be interpreted and collaborated with by a world of hearts. I use mystery and wonder as tools to meet the challenge of exposing my figures to every single heart I can. Materials appropriated from many origins including the divisive are available for my bending to express. My art moves me to make a difference – Kanbee.”

Source: Wichita Eagle

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