Man Found Hiding In Woman's Backseat

My daddy taught me at a young age to always be aware of my surroundings. He said no matter where I go, form an escape plan. Find the exits, look for hiding places, and seek out potential weapons to use as self-defense. When I started driving, he made sure the very first thing I did before I even got in my car was to check my backseat. All this might sound a little paranoid to you... but after seeing this story, I'm not changing it!

A woman named Aimee Herrman was shopping at a Dillon's grocery store in Wichita, KS when she heard her name over the intercom. When she got to the front of the store, she was told that a man had been spotted hiding in the backseat of her car..


The man, it turns out, had been stealing from the store so employees kept a eye on him... and when he climbed into Aimee's unlocked car, they called the cops.


It's scary to think about what would have happened if someone hadn't of spotted him before she got back to her car. Please let this be a reminder that it's okay to be a little paranoid. This stuff does happen! So be aware of your surroundings, and make a habit out of checking your backseat!

Source: Aimee Herrman

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