How To Protect Yourself During An Active Shooter Situation

We never really know how we will react in a crisis situation. Will your mind and body freeze out of pure fear, or will your fighting instincts automatically kick in full-gear? One of the best ways to protect yourself and your family to have a plan in place. 

A Navy SEAL Sniper has written an in-depth plan of how to make sure your entire family is trained on how to survive an active shooter situation before they need it.

His three basic points include:

Run. A moving target is harder to hit. Your number one goal is to get out.

Hide. Only as a last resort, and with the understanding that you want to move to safety as soon as possible. 

Cover. This is different than conceal. Cover will stop a bullet. Think concrete, brick, thick steel (at least a solid 1/2"). Conceal won't stop a bullet. Bullets will fly right through tables, plastic, sheetrock/plaster walls, and thin or soft metals. 

Read his entire article, which includes how to establish a leader and designate a rally point, here. 

Below, watch a video created by the LA County Sheriff that will help visually establish some of these tactics.

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