How To Spot Stolen Credit Card Transactions

A man who works at a Wichita convenience store captured a customer using a fraudulent card, and shared it on his facebook page to give us a little insight into how it happens. 

The man noticed the fraud when the information on the card that was used, a pre-paid MasterCard, didn't match the info on the receipt after it was swiped...  which came back as belonging to a Discover card holder! 

So...i got to catch my first LIVE credit card imprint fraud. It’s when they use someone elses info and reprogram the magnetic stripe with fraudulent/stolen CC numbers. Very hard to catch cause some cards have no names and can’t do much bout checking ID. We only find out when we get a bank notification stating they are taking money back. Look at the picture of card and look at receipt. 

Good eye!


This type of fraud happens when scammers get info from a legitimate credit card, and then imprint, or reprogram, it over the magnetic strip on the back of a different card (usually a stolen prepaid card so that it can't be traced). When that card is swiped, your account gets the charge.

While it's nearly impossible to 100% prevent credit card theft, there are things you can do to lower the risk. 

1) Keep your cards in an RFID wallet
2) "Wiggle" the scanners at your drive-thru bank ATM to make sure it isn't a fake skimmer.
3) Write "See ID" on the signature line of the back of your card
4) Watch the video below for some more ideas to protect your info:

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