10 Winter Weather Car Hacks That Work!

Winter is the woooooooorst. But a little bit of prep work can make getting out of your driveway in the morning easier. Here's are 10 proven hacks to help you and your car survive the Winter:

  • Put hand sanitizer on your key to help defrost a frozen lock
  • Socks on your wiper blades will keep them from being torn apart by ice
  • The night before, spray your doors with cooking spray to keep them from freezing shut
  • Check the treads on your tires with a penny
  • Keep a spray bottle with rubbing alcohol in your car to defrost frozen wiper blades
  • Don't have an icescraper? Use an old credit card
  • Put plastic bags over your side mirrors the night before to keep them from freezing and fogging
  • Clean your headlights with toothpaste to make them brighter
  • Park facing the sun so that your car is naturally defrosted in the morning
  • A professional coat of heavy wax will make snow and ice slide right off of your car
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Lukas & Careth In The Morning

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