Can Thieves Clone Your Keyless Entry Code?

A facebook post from a couple of years ago, warning people about a sneaky new way thieves are gaining entry into your car, has found new life online.

The story details a man who couldn't figure out why he kept hearing his car door repeatedly unlock after he walked away from it. He goes on to say he figured out it was part of a new scheme were thieves can clone your security code when you lock your doors using your key-fob. 

He also claimed that this was "Snopes approved"... so we wanted to see for ourselves what Snopes had to say about it! 

The fact-finding website listed this story as neither true or false, explaining that while it is possible, modern technology makes it extremely difficult:

In response to the fixed code security weakness, automakers shifted from RKEs with fixed codes to systems employing rolling random codes. These codes change every time a given RKE system is used to lock or unlock car doors and thus rendered the earlier ‘code grabbers’ ineffective. That form of more robust code system became the industry standard for remote keyless entry systems in the mid-1990s, so automobiles newer than that are not vulnerable to being quickly and easily opened by criminals armed with the first generation of code grabbers.

So basically, if you have 2000 or newer year of vehicle, this shouldn't something that you need to lay awake at night worrying about. Still, if you are worried, the best way to combat this issue is to manually lock your car.

Check out the original facebook post below:

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