Girl Scout Cookies Are Different In Other States

It’s Girl Scout cookie time! You tell me that eating cookies will help empower the next generation of women? I can't say no.

 I've lost count of how many boxes I've ordered.

Most of us have a favorite cookie, but the version you’re used to might be different in other states. The Girl Scouts of America use two different bakers - ABC Bakers (which make the cookies we get here in Wichita) and Little Brownie Bakers - to create the 200-million-plus boxes of cookies we eat in the U.S. each year. And those bakeries don’t make the cookies exactly the same way. Here are some of the different versions:

  • S’moresThe cookies we know made by ABC Bakers are coated in chocolate with a thin layer of vanilla/marshmallow on a big graham cracker. But in places like Florida, Little Brownie Bakers make this cookie sandwich-style with fudge and a hint of maple flavor.

  • Thin Mints: The Girl Scout Cookie of all Girl Scout cookies! Our crunchy, minty Thin Mints are made by ABC Bakers... but in other states like New Mexico, they get a  richer, smoother cookie with a chocolate coating from Little Brownie Baker

  • Caramel deLite:  My favorite! I think ABC Bakers gets the ratio of caramel, coconut, chocolate, and cookie just right. The same cookie also goes by the name Samoas when it's made by Little Brownie Bakers, and people in places like Dallas get a heavier caramel and coconut layer.

  • Peanut Butter Patties: A box of these could easily get demolished in a day at our house. Both bakers' cookies look pretty similar... but when Little Brownie makes them they are called Tagalongs, and some people say they are more peanut buttery.

  • Peanut Butter Sandwich: These cookies that are called Do-si-dos when Little Brownie bakes them., and seem to be almost identical to the ones we know.

  • Shortbread: Or Trefoils as they are known by Little Brownie Bakers. These versions have more sugar than the buttery classic cookie we know and love.

  • Lemonades: Maybe the most drastic difference! Our lemon version is a shortbread cookie that has been sat in a delicious lemon icing. Little Brownie's lemon version is the Savannah Smiles- a triangular shaped, crispy lemony cookie dusted with powdered sugar

Source: Wide Open Eats

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