Is Lea Michele Illiterate?

A facebook live video posted by the "One More Thing" podcast outlined their reasons for believing that Broadway and Glee star Lea Michele cannot read or write. The video, which you can watch below, is pretty long... so I'll summarize their top points:

  • Lea Michele started performing on Broadway as a child before she could read and learned her lines by having them fed to her, therefor never needed to learn to read or write
  • She finds it difficult to improvise on set, and only likes to do the scenes as written (or as she memorized)
  • She work almost exclusively with Ryan Murphy because he knows and keeps her secret
  • Has an assistant do all her social media correspondance
  • Favors emoji's over written captions on instagram
  • Her book, Brunette Ambition, is more a collection of pictures and recipes than an actual autobiography
  • She's never photographed writing at her book signings, and even her signature is more of a scribble than actual letters
  • ...and it goes on and on, but you get the picture

Thanfully, Lea Michele herself finds the entire "conspiracy" hilarious, and wrote a tweet thanking the conspirators for the laugh... or did she?

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