Clever Hack To Silence Annoying TVs

Ever been in a waiting room, forced to sit through an episode of a show that you hate? What about when you just want to have a nice, quiet meal... but there's an obnoxious TV or stereo blaring in the background? This guy thinks he has the answer!A man shared his hack for quieting noisy electronics in public- he carries around the cut-off end of a headphone jack:

For about 15 years I've carried one of these to silence annoying TVs in different places. I "donate" about 3 a month. I know it might drive the establishment's proprietor insane trying to figure out what happened to the volume... but blaring "The View" in waiting rooms should be illegal.

Take this tip and live longer.

While I will give this guy credit for being clever... I also think this sort of passive-aggressive anarchist behavior makes him a bit of a jerk. Why not just bring a pair of headphones so you can block out the noise, but others can still enjoy it if they like? Or better yet, just ask if they could change it or turn it down! The establishment wants you to enjoy your time with them.

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