Cockroach Bread Could Feed The World

You've heard the old myth that cockroaches would be able to survive a nuclear war, right? Well, that could be a good thing for us... because of cockroach bread.

It's exactly what it sounds like: bread made from cockroaches. The roaches aren't like the ones crawling around in your seedy college apartment. These insects are specially-bred in a lab, then ground up to be used as a replacement for regular wheat flour. 

The two scientists behind the loaf are Andressa Lucas & Lauren Menegon, engineering students at Federal University of Rio Grande in Brazil. The reason they chose roaches, they told Vice, is because:

We chose the cockroach because it was the insect that had the highest protein content—almost 70 percent. It contains eight of the nine essential amino acids, it has high-quality fatty acids (such as omega-3 and omega-9) and we can use almost 100 percent of it, with very little residue. Today we are studying the use of crickets and mealworm beetles.

Okay, if it were the end of the world, mass destruction everywhere, and I was the last of humanity... I would eat a roach to survive. But not as long as I've a Kroger down the road!

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