What NOT To Buy Your Kid For Christmas


The old “You’ll shoot your eye out” warning in the movie “A Christmas Story” didn’t save a little boy in the U.K. who recently lost his eye after his friend shot a Nerf gun pellet at it. It all started six years ago when Taylor-Jay Ravicini was only three years old and got shot in the eye with a toy arrow. Doctors saved his eye then, but after the recent freak accident with the Nerf gun, his eye was injured further and it had to be removed. Source: New York Post

That got us thinking... what other toys would parents warn other parents about getting their kids for Christmas? We opened up the phone lines, and this is what we got!

The Stink Gun! For obvious reasons- it stinks!


Web Shooter! Apparently, that spider web is real sticky. One caller even said it's still stuck to her ceiling over 20 years later! If you are getting this for your kids, it's probably best to make sure they use it outside.


Bunchems! The popular toy looks super fun... until they get stuck in your hair. Just check out all of the kids who have gotten them stuck in their hair.


Magnets! While the other toys on this list might just cause a minor nuisance and could still be played with certain precautions, magnets have the potential to be very dangerous. Be careful of any toys you buy your children that have magnets. One mom told us about how her son get the magnets stuck in his nose, and had to be removed surgically. Yikes! If accidentally swallowed, magnets can even cause life-threatening injuries.


Pretty Pretty Princess! Okay, this one hasn't been sold in a while, but it traumatized me as a kid so I had to include it. The glamorous silver tiara that comes with the game? IT'S A BEAUTIFUL BEAR TRAP. 7-year-old me found that out the hard way after I stepped on it, and had had a piece of (probably) lead paint tainted crown lodged in my foot. Still got the scar to prove it.

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