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Latest Construction Updates For Wichita Roads

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It's going to be a messy summer around Wichita.  Expect lots of delays on some major roads around Wichita.  Remember to not use your cell phone and to obey the traffic laws and watch your speed in the construction zones.  Here's the latest update from KDOT: Wichita Metro.                      

The northbound West Street Entrance Ramp to EB US-54 is now OPEN. No access yet for SB West St. traffic.

On Monday, May 8, the Eastbound US 54 Exit Ramp to West Street CLOSED for six months. See other traffic impacts from the I-235/US 54 Interchange project at

The removal of the Kansas Turnpike bridge over US 54 near Webb Road took less than 24 hours but you can see the one minute version at KTA Bridge Teardown.

Left turns at US 54 and Webb Road are not allowed for any direction. Also, EB US 54 traffic has been moved onto the new South Frontage Road.

The Beeline and the Amtrak bus connection to Oklahoma City and Newton are now operating out of the Wichita Transit Center at 214 S. Topeka.

West Street under U.S. 54 is reduced to a single lane in each direction with left turns allowed onto McCormick from SB West St. and onto the Ramp to WB US 54 from NB West St.

A website for the East Kellogg Freeway improvements can be found at

The WICHway website offers great camera views, traffic speeds and information from message boards PLUS it is smart phone-ready! See our short video on how to bookmark it on You Tube. See the website at

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