This Kansas Town Rocks! Literally!

I made a trip to Kansas City over the weekend. I took back roads on the way back to Wichita.  My wife had never been to the town of McClouth.  I told her that we had to go through there, because it rocks!  She had no idea what I was talking about.  We got to the small town a few miles north of Lawrence.  She then realized what I meant.  

McClouth, KS has The Rock In The Road.  It's only fitting that it's named Granite Street.  It kinda sneaks up on you if you're not paying attention.  Please have wrecked into it before.  People stop and take pictures standing on it.  People have even played cards on it.  It's about 2-3 feet tall and about 8 feet around.  It's one of the many weird things that makes Kansas unique.  

Why is the rock there? When the town was being laid out, the contractor was unable to dislodge the granite erratic deposited 10,000 years ago by a receding glacier. Since it could not be removed they simply paved around it and left it in the middle of the street. 

McClouth, KS is about 170 miles from Wichita and just north of Lawrence.  If you're in the area, try and check it out.  

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