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This Summer Will End With A Bang In Andover!

Photo:  Courtesy MGN Online

Got plans this Friday? Here's something for you to check out!  There's a big concert and fireworks end of summer blowout scheduled in Andover.  Here's what our media partner at KAKE-TV has on it!  Check this out!

While the 4th of July may have come and gone, it's Independence Day all over again in Andover. 

The National Fireworks Association is meeting in Andover.  Every night this week from 8 to 10:30 there will be fireworks shot off in Andover Central Park.  All for buyers to see and purchase for next year's holiday celebration.  “We thought this was a good fit because our community typically likes fireworks,” said Andover Mayor Ben Lawrence. 

The convention brings in fireworks dealers from across the country and even overseas.  Organizers say it will likely draw more than 1,000 guests to Andover.  “It is comprised of our membership coming from all over the world. We’ve got people here representing countries, Germany, China, Australia, of course, the U.S., Canada, Mexico. It’s a tradeshow,” said Steve Houser of the National Fireworks association.  

And the convention plans to end with a bang.  The association has a large public display set for Friday night.  It will feature the latest and greatest in fireworks technology.   The show you'll see Friday night will cost around $200,000 and has been compared to fireworks you see at Disney World.  "I expect it to be very, very special, and it's just our way to say thanks Andover," said Houser.  

Friday night's celebration will also be held at Andover Central Park. Cost of entry is $5 per person over 12 years of age. Tickets can be purchased at the park the day of the show or at Andover City Hall in advance. 

The public is asked to park at nearby Andover Central High School and Andover Central Middle School. You can walk or shuttles will be available to take visitors to the park. 

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