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NFL Fans Rank The Arrowhead Experience Among Best In League

You enjoy going to NFL games? I am a Broncos fan and make it to Denver as much as possible. They do play at Arrowhead once a year. Well, Denver did play there twice the year they beat KC on their way to becoming Super Bowl XXXII champs. I can say one thing about Chiefs fans. They are passionate about their team.

According to Seat Geek, the experience at Arrowhead Stadium is the second best in the NFL. Here's what they had to say..

The pregame party

Chiefs fans love to tailgate, more than 92 percent of those surveyed said they have tailgated at a game before. Fans recommended arriving well before kickoff to spend time in the parking lots in what everyone describes as one giant tailgate. If you don’t have your own setup you can almost certainly find a group that will be happy to have you join theirs.

Get inside early

After spending some time tailgating be sure to head in to the stadium a bit early, as the lead up to kickoff was a highlight for many of the Chiefs fans surveyed. From the flyovers, to the players running out, to the big drum, the Chiefs know how to get Arrowhead rocking. And don’t be surprised during the National Anthem when fans change “home of the brave” to “home of the Chiefs.”

Kansas City BBQ

If you didn’t get enough food outside, there is of course a very obvious option when it comes to stadium food - anything BBQ. Kansas City BBQ is known around the world, and Arrowhead Stadium doesn’t have a shortage of options. Fans were pretty divided on the best spot to head within the stadium, so you might just have to try them all.

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