Just when we were getting used to the paper popcorn bags and toddler-sized soft drinks... Warren Theaters is being sold again.

Cineworld is buying out Regal Cinemas, which we all remember bought out our beloved Warren Theaters in May. The deal should be finalized in the first quarter of 2018.

It might not be all bad. Cineworld describes its vision:

  • Deliver a great cinema experience for all cinemagoers, every time.
  • Continue to expand our estate and look for profitable opportunities to grow.
  • Ensure that we enhance our existing estate so we deliver a consistent level of quality across the Group.
  • Be leaders in the industry by offering customers the latest audio and visual technology
  • Drive value for shareholders by delivering our growth plans in an efficient and effective way.

Source: Cineworld

Remember, we're also getting an AMC Theater moving into the old Northrock 14 soon! AMC has a really great reputation, so hopefully the competition will keep both theaters on their toes!

Source: Wichita Eagle