In case you missed it, we have another contender for father of the year! 10-year-old Lyle Pemble's love of roller coasters started last summer when he rode one in New Jersey. Since then, the California youngster "started doing research on them" to try and find the best one.

That's when he asked his dad, Will, if they could build one in the backyard. "I started building the coaster because, Lyle, my son asked me if we could, and I couldn’t think of a good reason to say no,” Will Pemble said. Fair enough.

Will went on to explain to CBS Local that building the coaster helped his son with math, physics, and science, because it made the problems more exciting. "So if there’s a coaster at the other side of how many feet of track do we need…then suddenly the word problem gets done really fast," he added. You can check out their progress, and see the other coasters Will is building.