Dear Lukas, Tracy & Kathy,


Good morning.  I LOVE this Christmas in July format!!  What a great surprise it was to hear.  While I usually wake up to B-98, I happened to wake up

early this morning and didn’t have the radio on.  In addition, I’ve been riding my motorcycle to work lately, but this morning I just happened to take

my car since I have to stop somewhere after work (the Nifty Nut House, so this really will feel like Christmas), that’s when I heard Lukas mention

Christmas in July and then that first Christmas song came on just as I got into work.  I stayed in my car for that song, then another one came on, and

I got really excited that it was just a one song idea.  Thankfully, my MP3 player receives FM radio, so I am thoroughly enjoying this wonderful music.

J  A great big THANK YOU for whoever’s idea this was, this is fantastic!


Merry Christmas in July,

Mark T. Harris